Corporate Finance

Nova Avisory has established a sound reputation for advising small to mid-cap companies about their financing requirements. Working alongside corporate clients, Nova Advisory provides tailor-made solutions for their funding needs that also give value to institutional investors.

Corporate Finance

Nova Advisory work with both unlisted (pre-IPO) and listed companies. Financing solutions employed often involve debt/equity structures, as well as debt-only and straight equity placements.
Prevalent financing structures have been Foreign Currency Convertible Bonds (FCCBs), Convertible Bonds (CBs), High Yield Bonds, Private Equity, Global Depository Receipts (GDRs), Minibonds, ABS, and other Corporate Bonds.
Transactions already completed range from €5 million to more than €150 million equivalent, although Nova Advisory has the capability to organize financings of far greater size given our more than 500 institutional investor accounts.
Additionally, Nova Advisory is developing a platform to advise and help European SMEs with their longer term funding requirements.

We assist businesses in taking strategic and operational financial decisions, especially in the area of growth finance. All too often SMEs underestimate the need for financial equilibrium, thereby sometimes compromising worthwhile entrepreneurial initiatives.
Together with our partner and benefiting from the relationships we have established on domestic and international financial markets, we work on:

  • Extraordinary financial operations providing access to growth capital on domestic and international markets
  • Searching for national and international business partners
  • Risk capital interventions via closed-end funds and other domestic and international institutional investors
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • National and international company sales and strategic joint-venture operations
  • Structured financing
  • Mini Bonds
  • Debt advisory and renegotiation, and financial restructuring
  • Development fund-raising
  • Advice on best-practice creation and implementation
Divestiture Advisory
Acquisition Advisory
Financing Solutions
Strategic Advice

Completing successful transactions requires proper strategy and effective structuring, execution and post-deal management.
Our Corporate Finance practice delivers independent and creative acquisition, divestiture and financing solutions to companies across a range of industries.

Are you a corporation or private company looking to sell all or parts of your business?
We advise companies throughout all stages of the sale process, from defining the business to be divested, to evaluating your strategic and financial options, identifying domestic, international, corporate and financial buyers, and leading the negotiation process.
We have a wealth of experience through our global network and provide divestiture services ranging from a complex, multi-jurisdictional sale of a carve-out from a large corporation, to the sale of a domestic owner-managed business.

We understand the complexities and risks that arise when acquiring a company. Our team brings together experienced professionals from across our global network to help you uncover the right growth opportunities.
To help pinpoint the most promising way forward to capture growth, we assist in developing an acquisition strategy, identifying and approaching potential targets, valuation and negotiation considerations and coordinating the acquisition with your internal teams, external advisors and other parties involved in the transaction.

Our team advises businesses on all aspects of their debt and equity needs, helping borrowers and shareholders alike execute and achieve their financing objectives on the most advantageous terms, which include:

  • raising finance to support a growth or acquisition strategy
  • refinancing existing debt facilities or accessing new debt products
  • realizing value through a recapitalization or staple financing
  • raising capital in situations involving financial stress

We provide independent and objective advisory services that uses our extensive Corporate Finance capabilities.
Our financial advisory services include:

  • advising on management buyouts
  • providing independent strategic options analysis and financial advice to boards and shareholders
  • advising on alternatives for increasing shareholder value
  • advising on business mergers, joint ventures and partnership arrangements
  • advising on real estate development, portfolio strategies and feasibility studies

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